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Twice now I’ve set the alarm clock to wake me in the afternoon so I could get up for a date. Twice now the song playing when the alarm activates is Nirvana’s Rape Me.

Then one day I stay up after my shift for an early date. After it ends and on my drive, I turn on the radio for the opening strings to start.

I should probably be concerned.


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Continuing Notes

It was only until the middle of my presentation in the second to last week of class I realized that the Professor in The 39 Steps was essentially Hitchcock himself.

In case someone doesn"t want to be spoiled.Collapse )Hey, it fits his sense of humor.

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From the notes on a course on Hitchcock:

I was about five minutes in counting all the anachronisms in The Lodger before I realized I was, in fact, watching Blackmail.

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My brain is in that weird space where I am both totally exhausted but completely awake; this isn't something that happens to me often. I have been awake since ten o'clock on Wednesday morning. I work what will probably be a full shift tonight so I'm not worried about sleeping all day.

I wrote my first fic in over a year. It's still in it's first draft, I haven't even read over it again to fix the many typos in it. I don't know about posting it. Usually after I do a quick typo and small edit run I print it out, put it a shoebox under my bed and leave it for my brain to partly forget about for a few weeks until I can come back to it with a fresh view. (This is something I read in Steven King's book on writing and find it does a hell of a lot for my stories.)

I haven't written anything 'real' in over a year. I've written plotlines for fics and original stories, and started pages of original stories that didn't go anywhere. I've just been too busy, tired and uninspired to sit and write something I can put my heart into. Wrote daily, yes. Wrote with my heart into it, not, not really. The closest thing to an accomplishment is that I finished the long plot synopses to a long story I'm still researching the history and mood for. The plot outline alone is something like fifteen pages, but I have no idea what it will look like when I finally finish it. Might be novel length, might be kind of short. It's weird, I remember writing the first paragraph of it that came to mind in August 2008, and then I had no idea what it was about, just a basic idea.

The fic I just finished was from an idea I got a very long time ago and started then, but left on the first page because I was unsure if I wanted to go there. It's just one of those stories you can write, but not sure if it's okay, y'know? Probably not. You're probably braver and smarter than I.

Over a year since I last posted. What else? Oh yeah.Collapse )

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Conversation recently at work:

Guy from Louisiana: You know, Christopher Columbus, the guy who discovered America?
Girl from Minnesota: (joking) You mean Leif Ericson.
Guy from Louisiana: No. Christopher Columbus, who sailed around the world on the Mayflower.
Girl from Minnesota: (pause) Wait, what?


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Happy Halloween

Rating: Early Teen?
Spoilers: None
Characters/Pairings: Ten, unknown companion, original characters.
Summary: Found on a website last updated 1998 (now dead) under “Melgrove Mental Asylum” was a page with an eerie story.
Author’s Note: I need to stop going around the
Electric Asylum’s links page. At night.

This was supposed to be a one shot. Now I'm not sure.



Found on a website last updated 1998 (now dead)Collapse )

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 This week in Mass Comm, a hard-of-hearing student demonstrated the i711 system for the class by prank-calling his dog’s vet.

After two years of fandom, finally got my hands on a DW. NA The Highest Science by Gareth Roberts.

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Title: The Mass
Rating: PG
Characters: Doctor, Rose.
Summary: In London, the Doctor and Rose pass by modern archeologists excavating a grave site.

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Title: The Sorrows.
Rating: G
Characters: Four, Sarah.
Summary: The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane do a little reality hopping. Inspired by a featured article of the day on Wikipedia. Doomsday implied.

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